“Eternity Star Holdings is a worldwide pioneer in developing an ecosystem that is able to tokenise the way communities interact with their portfolio of digital assets. The wave of innovation will bring tech development and prosperity in the Mekong region.”

Stefano Virgilli
Chief Strategy Officer


Current Situation

Today, the lifestyle industry has greatly evolved in term of global reach. However, service providers and merchants in the lifestyle industry operate in silos. The result is a fragmented system that does not maximise benefits to users or merchants.

Our Solution

Leveraging cutting-edge Blockchain technology, Eternity Star will develop a decentralised ecosystem fuelled by Security Token Offering (STO) and Non-Tradable Utility Tokens (NTUT). Through STO, investors gain an ownership stake in the project. At the same time, with NTUT, tourists can enjoy future access to lifestyle activities without being affected by price fluctuations.

The ecosystem will promote interactions between all the parties involved:

  1. Users (such as tourists, diners and visitors)
  2. Merchants (such as F&B and entertainment operators)
  3. Investors (such as equity shareholders and security token holders)

Through the combination of STO and NTUT, Eternity Star is re-inventing the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) space within the lifestyle and entertainment industry.

How Investors Benefit from STO

The technology offers a marketplace for investors to digitally acquire, trade and exchange security tokens linked to the tenure and the value of physical assets, offering both short-term and long-term strategies for security token holders.

With such an ecosystem, token holders will be empowered with:

  1. Real-time access to whitelisted token holders eligible to transact on the platform
  2. Immutable and traceable records for ease of data processing
  3. Fast turnover of digital assets through fractional ownership
  4. A trustable and reliable ecosystem for token trading
  5. A decentralised ledger to digitally record tokens
  6. Instantaneous global access to assets located remotely
  7. High-security transactions thanks to Distributed Ledger Technology (such as blockchain)

How Tourists Benefit from NTUT

NTUT will function as digital vouchers, allowing tourists and customers to participate in lifestyle activities such as F&B, sports and cruises. These users will be able to maximise their rewards by downloading the Eternity Star mobile app. Through a series of gamification options and rules, users will track their activities and receive NTUT as a reward. Meanwhile, the app will be harnessing geo-location and ID management to track usage data, which can then be used to garner industry insights.

Integrated Lifestyle and Entertainment Experiences

On the ground, the decentralised ecosystem will facilitate seamless lifestyle and entertainment experiences. One project will unite a cruise ship plying the Mekong river with a lifestyle centre including a mixed martial arts stadium in Cambodia, in a move that is expected to drive local and international tourist footfall.


Operating Assumptions

Eternity Star will operate the following businesses namely Casino, Duty Free and Merchandise, Spa and Foreign Exchange, Karaoke and Travel. Eternity Star will adopt a full rental model for the businesses operating on the maiden cruise ship.

Eternity Star Casino will be operated by a third party experienced gaming company. The management team will allocate 10,000 sq ft of operating space with 20 gaming tables. Each gaming table will be rented for US$750 per day.

Eternity Star Duty-Free Shop (2,500 sq ft) sells a range of tax and duty-free merchandises ranging from wine and spirits to fashion, and beauty to electronics. The rental assumption would be US$6 per square foot based on conservative retail rental benchmark.

Eternity Star Spa and Wellness (2,500 sq ft) offers an ideal oasis for relaxation and renewal. Select from a range of therapies that focuses on delivering visible results and feel the uplifting difference in body and spirit through our signature 90-minute treatments. The rental assumption would be US$6 per square foot based on industry benchmark.

Foreign Exchange Revenue is projected to generate US$12,500 monthly revenue based on daily passenger volume of 300 passengers (75% occupancy rate).

Eternity Star Dining will allocate a space of 2,500 sq ft that offers a premium dining concept. The rental assumption would be US$6 per square foot based on industry benchmark.

Eternity Star Karaoke Bar will allocate a space of 4,500 sq ft that offers a premium karaoke experience. The rental assumption would be US$5 per square foot based on industry benchmark.

Tour Agency Revenue is projected generate US$10,000 monthly revenue based on daily passenger volume of 300 passengers (75% occupancy rate).

Ticketing Price Assumptions
For conservative estimates, the lower median price (US$130) is used to calculate the capacity required to breakeven (75% occupancy).

Room Type Ticket Price (US$)
Suite 300
Junior Suite 200
Deluxe 150
Outside room 130
Inner room 110

Financial Summary

Occupancy Rate 55% 60% 65% 70% 75%
Gaming Revenue 15,400,000 21,000,000 27,300,000 34,300,000 42,000,000
% of total revenue 56 61% 65% 68% 71%
Non-Gaming Revenue 11,825,000 13,152,000 14,521,000 15,932,000 17,385,000
% of total revenue 43% 38% 35% 32% 29%
Total Revenue 27,405,000 34,332,000 42,001,000 50,412,000 59,565,000
Operating expenses 14,520,622 16,698,716 19,203,523 22,084,052 25,396,659
% of total revenue 53% 49% 46% 44% 43%
Amortisation / Depreciation 292,205 292,205 292,205 292,205 292,205
% of total revenue 1% 1% 1% 1% 0%
Financing Cost 1,900,000 1,900,000 21,900,000
% of total revenue 7% 6% 52% 0% 0%
Total Expenses 16,712,827 18,890,921 41,395,728 22,376,257 25,688,864
Total Net Profit 10,692,173 15,441,079 605,272 28,035,743 33,876,136
Net Profit Margin 39% 45% 1% 56% 57%

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